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| Jun 9, 2008
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CatalinaIt had to happen. With multiple varieties of super heroes running around (some at light speed) exhibiting powers like telekinesis, X-ray vision, invulnerability, super speed and the ability to fly, eventually some garden variety crossdresser was going to get bitten by a radioactive Black Widow spider, or some other feminine type bug, and develop super powers. Catalina is that super hero (…heroine?) and she’s ready to save the planet. (Why aliens are always invading the Earth and trying to destroy our species is a question I can never get a proper answer to. Here we are in our little spot on the spiral arm of the galaxy busily trying to wipe our selves out. No alien assistance is necessary.)

From the press release: Catalina: A New Kind of Superhero is “the story of an ordinary Joe who discovers he’s more of a Joanna with balls of steel when he dons a dress.”

Must make tucking a little tough. But, anyway, the film is in post production and the marketing department is working on finding a distributor. Will Catalina defeat the evil alien General Krillgarth the Negative (bad guys are always so negative) and stop him from crushing the Earth? Will she chip a nail? You’ll have to wait for the film be released. In the meantime you can visit the producer’s website and take a look at a couple of clips and a music video.

Nathan Lubbock-Smith as CatalinaCatalina is played by Nathan Lubbock-Smith, is a young actor who would be best known for a “small roll” in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (so small as to not be mentioned in the cast list on the Internet Movie Database but hey, there are no small roles) and his stage work in his native England. While certainly pretty enough to be a transvestite super hero one can only wonder why they didn’t give Catalina a sexier hairdo and maybe lose the sideburns — at least after the character has acquired super powers and transformed into Catalina. (First thing I’d do after getting super power is a bit of body modification, if you know what I mean.) But ours is not to reason why but instead to wait for the film to arrive on our shores so we can see the darned thing. Keep checking with us and we’ll let you know when the film is released and possibly bring you an interview with it’s star.

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    Angela, please keep us informed when and if this film is released. I have always love sci-fi and of course the other aspect, it would be great to see the two combined in a tasteful way.

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