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Ninja Beauty Secrets — Choosing the Right Size

| Oct 13, 2008
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This month we learn how to develop an eye for finding clothes that will fit you without even trying them on. We also learn that being a woman is a lot more than just thinking like one and looking like one. If you’ve been dressing as a woman every week for many years, you’ll learn a lot of shortcuts that can save you time and shopping aggravation. The difference between a novice and an experienced tgirl is an experienced tgirl knows her body and can basically pick up and look at a garment, accessory, or hair product and tell if it will look good on her. A novice cannot. A novice will need to try on the product because she’s not familiar enough with the nuances of her body to determine if something looks good or not.dsc_3177.jpgIf you need to determine if something looks spot-on perfect, such as a party dress or an evening gown for a special occasion, then trying it on before buying is absolutely necessary, but, as many of you know, some stores aren’t keen on the idea of letting a genetic male try on their stuff.One thing I’ve observed about shopping in women’s specialty stores and department stores is girls who know something will fit them will rarely need to try on the garment. As a guy, how many times have you actually tried on a garment before buying it? You know it will look great because you know your size, you know your favorite brand, and you just buy it without trying it on. If you’re shopping an unknown brand or if you greatly fluctuate in weight like Oprah, then you might need to use the fitting room. For the seasoned tgirl, holding up a garment by the shoulders should be enough to let you know if it will or will not fit you and experience with wearing enough clothes will enable you to do just that.dsc_3176.jpgHow do you develop this skill? Most people can mentally calculate measurements. Holding enough of your boy shirts and pants in your hands should mentally prepare you for how big a girl top or bottom you need regardless of what the label size says because if you haven’t discovered it by now, women’s labels are sized according to the manufacturer’s whims and even within the same store, such as bebe, a “medium” in one garment might be a slightly different size than a “medium” in another garment. A case could be made for trying on stuff at certain stores, but if you have enough experience with clothes, you’ll just use the labels as a guide and use your own good judgment to see if it will actually fit you.Start looking at all of the best-fitting clothes in your wardrobe, try them on and see how they fit you, make a mental note of their fabric and if they have a stretchy or stiff quality, take them off, and hold them in your hands by the shoulders. Stretch them gently in your hands, examine their widths and lengths, examine their sleeve lengths, and feel their overall size in your hands. Do this with each and every one of these best-fitting garments that you own and you will begin to understand what I mean about sizing. Do this a few hundred times and you’ll be able to walk into any store and buy something by sight without needing to try it on or checking its label size.dsc_3168.jpgOnce you master finding styles of clothing that will fit and suit you, the only thing you need to do is check that the clothes are made of materials agreeable to you. If I see something made of angora, for example, I won’t even consider it because I’m allergic to angora. If I know my size at a particular store, I’ll head straight to that size or section. Nine out of ten times, a “medium” at Bebe will fit me just fine no matter what the style.I believe that many tgirls want to use ladies fitting rooms not to check to see if something fits them, but to feel more connected with other women and to feel accepted as women, however, most of us are so genetically male with such genetically male manners and habits that we will never be accepted as women in a ladies fitting room. Use the fitting room for the right reasons, not to prove a point.dsc_3178.jpgMany genetic women who fluctuate in weight still have some idea of what their size might be, so they’ll choose two or three garments in their range. Many genetic male tgirls have absolutely no idea what their size is, so they all choose a 6 when they are really a 16. They’ll try on the 6, then the 8, and then the 10, possibly stretching out or tearing the garments in the process. These poor garments need to be put back on the rack and sold to other customers. If you ask me what I think most stores fear most, it’s not that there are men or transsexuals in the ladies’ dressing rooms, but socially inept men or transsexuals in ladies’ dressing rooms who have no idea what their size is. My advice: Don’t start popping into ladies’ dressing rooms until you have an excellent idea of what your size range is. You really shouldn’t need to bring more than two or three of the same garment into a fitting room with you.I’ve been dining at the best restaurants in Philadelphia every week for the past five years. It’s my own way of practicing to be socially accepted as a woman in society. I mentioned to my dinner companions this week, “A lot of girls aren’t ready for prime time yet,” and what I mean by that is we all feel like we think like women and we all do our best to look like women, but how many of us can truly integrate ourselves socially as women? Not even many full-time transsexuals can integrate themselves socially as women! Many of them never step foot outside their homes because they feel they would be discriminated against in public.Don’t be a closet Cathy. By giving up on trying to integrate yourself in society, you’ve basically lost the battle, so I encourage all of you to go out as often as possible and be yourselves in public. If you feel someone is ridiculing you, don’t feel discouraged. Take it as a sign to work on your look and mannerisms even more so it won’t happen again in the future. Aim your sights higher than a ladies dressing room as a place where you can be socially accepted. A ladies dressing room is, after all, just another closet.My newest makeover video is now available and it’s called Totally Natural (link opens to a new window). Get ready for a totally new way to think about hair and makeup and learn super styling tips and fantastic makeup advice for transsexuals and advanced crossdressers.

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