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Ninja Beauty Secrets — About My Hair

| Jun 23, 2008
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In this edition of Ninja Beauty Secrets ninja mistress Kalina Isato takes a break from secrets and answers questions about her short, short hair. Can a trans woman feel comfortable and confident making her way through life without a wig? Kalina says yes and tells you how you can do it too.

Why did you stop wearing wigs?

I never felt complete as a woman while wearing a wig. I felt that in order for me to be the best woman I could be, I had to make a change in the way I presented myself. The need to be me trumps the need to be some
ultra-glamorous drag girl. Besides, God blessed me with some really nice Asian hair and it would be a shame if I kept hiding it beneath man-made synthetic fiber.

Short haired KalinaWhy is your hair so short?

One of the things I’ve always stressed with my readers is the need to constantly challenge yourself. In my case, I’ve always believed that wearing long hair was like you were trying to hide something or cover something up. I didn’t want to hide behind a “mask” any longer. That forced me to really work on perfecting everything about my face. Every couple of months, I reevaluate my look and see where I can take it next. My choice of short hair resulted from my observations of all of the women walking around the city during the day and night. More often than not, you will see women with shorter hair styles and I believe that successfully wearing short hair is one of the keys to blending in society if you’re a transsexual.

Would you recommend short hair for everyone?

No, certainly not. Not everyone has the facial features to work a short hair style. Not all genetic women have the facial features to wear short hair, either, although you will see many trying. However, you will never know if short hair styles work or don’t work for you unless you try and it can’t just be a one-attempt kind of thing, either. I tried wearing every short style wig known to man before I found one that really worked for me and when I had the confidence to take my look a step further, I just took off the wig and started wearing my own hair one day.

What do you use to create your hair styles?

A bit of pomade, some more hairspray, and a lot of love.

Will you wear wigs again in the future?

Yes, of course, darling! When a situation calls for all-out glamour, I’ll wear the biggest, most fabulous wigs money can buy.

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