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Monday Edition — hot off your monitor!

| Nov 17, 2008
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Welcome to the November 17, 2008 edition of TGForum! Today we bring you This Week In Transgenderism, as always, featuring news from down the block, up the street and around the world that features transgendered people. This week Ronnie Rho has given herself writer’s cramp, monitor eyeball and Google wrist while compiling a vast array of stories for TWIT Notes.

Ms. Pamela DeGroff has visited a subject she reported on a few years back and she features her, the TG jazz/blues singer and pianist Vicki D’Salle in this month’s edition of Perpetual Change. There are sexy photos of her and even a video of Vicki in performance.

Renee Knipe joins us this week with a blog that asks for your input. She has assembled a list of things that she feels many transsexual women find themselves worrying about. She would like to know which of the items on the list would be enough to stop you from starting or make you stop a transition in progress. Read her list and give your input at Making The Grade.

And, as if she wasn’t exhausted from her comprehensive TWIT assignment, Ronnie Rho has taken the time to commit more of her thoughts and observations to electronic format in a blog titled What’s the worst thing you can say to a crossdresser? It’s interesting, applicable, and…you get to see Ronnie dressed as Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz. Not a bad deal.

That’s the lineup for this Monday. Dive in and enjoy!

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