Miss Vera’s Scruffy Cinderfella’s Premiere Thursday

| Feb 23, 2009
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Miss Veronica Vera, the headmistress of Miss Vera’s Finishing School For Boys Who Want To Be Girls, tells TGF that Pritch and Panch Do…The Cinderfella Experience has been accepted for screening at Cinekink Festival 2009. Screening date is Thursday, February 26, 9 p.m. at Anthology Film Archives as part of the Lipstick and Crinolines gender related shorts.

Pritch and Panch Do…The Cinderfella Experience tells the story of two “rowdy boyos,” Matt Pritchard and Mike “Pancho” Locke who go through a male to female transformation under the tutelage of Miss Vera and the deans of Miss Vera’s Finishing School for Boys Who Want to Be Girls, the world’s first crossdressing academy. Boomerang Productions approached Miss Vera after being awarded funding from UK Channel 4’s Comedy Lab to produce a comedy pilot. Pritch and Panch were already known throughout Europe and, more recently, in the U.S. as stars of  the tv show Dirty Sanchez similar in tone and stupidity to America’s Jackass.

The original plan was to bring the Pritch and Panch to Miss Vera in New York, but when visa problems arose for the “ladies-in-waiting,” Miss Vera suggested a switch to Amsterdam. The use of Amsterdam brought a new realm of possibilities.

“I knew I had to get our “girlz” into the windows of the red light district” says Miss Vera.

Members of the Dutch transgender community participated in the program.

“It’s light-hearted but sometimes enlightening,” says Miss Vera.

The hilarious result was broadcast in Britain in 2005 and was nominated for a UK television award.

The Cinekink screening is a U.S. premiere. Miss Vera urges audience members of any sex, gender or orientation, to “go tranny” for the night.

“Crossdress to the max, or just wear a wig or lipstick…you’ll add color to your life” promises Miss V. The premier’s after party takes place at Nowhere Bar, a transgender hub at 322 E. 14 St. in New York City.

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Lipstick and Crinolines, a screening of gender related shorts.
When: Thursday, February 26, 2009.
Where: Anthology Film Archives, 32 Second Ave. @ 2nd Street.
Time: 9 p.m.
Dress: Tranny
Adm: See www.cinekink.com

Complete 9 p.m. Program for LIPSTICKS & CRINOLINES

Miss Jezebel’s Feathers
Directed by Jesse Miksic, 2008, 5 minutes.

Dorian: A Picture
Directed by Joe E. Jeffreys, 2008. USA, 6 minutes.

Pritch & Panch Do…The Cinderfella Experience
With Miss Vera and the deans.
Directed by Dylan Wynn Davies (Boomerang), 2005. UK 25 minutes.

The Tour de Pants
Directed by Luke Woodward, 2008, USA. 39 minutes.

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