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Linda Jensen — My Favorite Martin

| May 3, 2010
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Linda JensenLinda and her friend Alice get together to talk about recent developments in their lives. Inevitably the conversation soon gets around to Linda’s long distance relationship with her “admirer/friend’ Martin.

It’s a well known fact that when women get together they will often share the most intimate details of their current and past boyfriends with each other. It should be no surprise then that when two t-girls get together we might do the same.

So it was that several years after my first encounter with Martin, the man who had introduced me to the pleasure of receiving intimate attention from an admirer, I happened to be back in Los Angeles having dinner at the Venture Inn with Alice, a new friend I had met at the Queen Mary. We were both very active in our professional and personal lives and we had a lot of catching up to do.

I can’t remember what I had been saying when Alice couldn’t contain herself anymore. “So Linda,” she said with that sly smile of hers, “I understand we have a mutual friend.”

“Who’s that?” I asked.


“I know lots of Martins.” I tried to be equally coy but I knew right away who she meant.

“He’s an engineer and he’s from Washington DC.”

“Well I think he’s actually from Arlington but close enough. How do you know him?” I asked.

“I met him about a year ago when he showed up at the Queen Mary. He was so nice and attentive, not like many of those other guys.”

“I know. I’ve had some great times with him.” I knew I was opening a door to some personal revelations. In male mode I would never have recounted to anyone the intimate details of my dates. However that night Alice only had to hint at wanting to know more and I was willing to share all my secrets.

She jumped right in. “I hear you two play a lot of golf together. What’s this about Orlando?”

I needed no more prompting to tell the story of my beautiful long-distance relationship.

“Martin and I go way back. We met when I was studying up in the bay area and would come here to the Queen Mary every weekend. Heather set us up and tipped me off how much he liked sports and that he was a pretty keen golfer.

“Well in boy-mode I love to hack around the golf course. I’d even played golf en femme once during a “˜Texas T-Party’. Martin and I discussed golf and he promised that some day he would take Linda golfing.

“After we met we continued to exchange letters and then we both got Hotmail accounts and the correspondence heated up. Martin was always telling me where he would be and I would always suggest that he fly me in for a wild and passionate weekend. But he made it clear I was his friend and equal, not his mistress. Once I told him I was going to be passing through DC and asked if he was interested in us getting together. He was pretty curt with me that no we weren’t to have any contact anywhere near DC and if we were to pass on the street I was in no way to acknowledge him.”

“Did that hurt?”

“No, if he’d been coming up to Toronto I would have said the same thing. We’re two dogs who don’t dirty in our own pens, I guess.”

I don’t think Alice, who lives, works and plays in LA, quite understood but she let it pass.

“So stop dancing around. What about Orlando?”

“Well finally there came a time when Martin was going to be at a convention in Daytona Beach and I was due to speak in Atlanta.

“I suggested we meet half way and play some golf. Martin suggested Orlando.”

“That’s not quite half way,” said Alice.

“It was perfect for me. It was late February and the weather would be great for golf and I could also work on my bikini tan.”

Just then the waiter arrived with our meal and gave me a big smile. It occurred to me that the people at the adjoining tables were probably also listening in but that didn’t bother me.

jensen_golf“So it was all arranged,” I continued. “Martin picked a hotel near the airport where we were to get separate rooms. He also picked out a golf course for us to play. After my conference in Atlanta I rented a car and headed for Orlando. On the way I stopped at a WalMart to buy a set of women’s golf clubs. I pretty well blew my speaker’s fee there and what was left went on a couple of nice feminine golf outfits.

“Well I felt I had to try out the clubs before I played with Martin so I stopped in Valdosta for the night and to play golf the next morning. I’m glad I did because those clubs were pretty whippy and I’m used to playing with stiff shafts.”

Alice almost sprayed her mouthful of wine and I’m sure I heard chuckles from the next table.

“I meant golf clubs.”

“Sure you did,” smiled Alice.

“From Valdosta to Orlando I traveled as Linda and I checked in to the hotel as Linda.

When I got to the room I phoned to see if Mr. Gunn had checked in yet. He hadn’t and that gave me a moment of panic but all worked out well.”

“He showed up?”

“Of course he did,” I said as if it was not possible that anyone would stand me up.  “I had a chance to freshen up and rest a bit which is a good thing because a date with Martin is a whirlwind. We went to a nice restaurant. We visited a mall so he could buy me some stockings.”

“He has a thing for stockings,” said Alice.

“Don’t they all?” I continued. “So do I. Then it was back to his room. If you have been with him I don’t have to tell you more. When we finished I would have gladly just spooned up against him but I knew he wanted his privacy. I left. We had arranged to meet about noon to go to the golf course. Frankly I was glad for the chance of a good sleep.”

“Did you sleep well after all that loving?”

“Not really. I was tired beyond being able to sleep and I was a bit anxious about the golf game. I kept thinking what if I got read and someone said something embarrassing? What if it was too hot and my makeup started running? I wasn’t going to wear a lot of eyeliner or lipstick but I had to wear foundation. What about nature’s call?

“After a fitful night’s sleep I decided to go down to breakfast in boy mode. That was so I could have a fresh shave just before golfing. I still had my nail polish on but no one seemed to notice, not even Martin who was just a few tables away.”

“He saw you as a guy?” asked Alice.

“He had to have seen me but he made no sign of recognition. He was pretty engrossed in his newspaper.”

“Why didn’t you say hi?”

“We had this agreement about not acknowledging each other and besides I didn’t want to burst his bubble. He had always seen me as this tall, sexy blonde.”

Alice chose that time to go to the ladies’.  I stayed to catch up on my meal before it got too cold.

When she returned she asked, “So how did the golfing go?”

“It depends what you mean. For the most part I played horrible golf but as an adventure en femme it was pretty neat.

“You know Martin is a leg man and he has a thing for rubbing his hand across my bra strap.”

“You, too?”

“No kidding. Well I made sure to choose a nice golf skort that was more like a mini skirt and a golf blouse that was sheer enough to show the outline of my bra. It was all colour coordinated with my golf shoes and visor. I looked all like the country club princess.”

“You mean the queen,” quipped Alice.

I let it go.

“We started out playing just the two of us with no one right in front and no group behind. We were riding in a cart so we could take our time and every so often Martin could squeeze my thigh or rub his hand across my back. I seem to remember we did a little kissing. From time to time Martin had to wait a bit before getting out of the cart to hit a shot.”

“In golf aren’t you limited in the number of clubs you can play with?” Alice said with that sly grin.

Again I thought I heard a chuckle from the next table. “Very good,” I replied. “I had room in my bag for one more club.”

“We had absolutely no issues around the course. No stares, no comments and there was no problems when I used the ladies’ locker room at the half-way.”

Alice nodded. “Why would there be an issue?”

“Well after about 15 holes we caught up to a couple playing in front of us. They were probably man and wife. There was a foursome in front of them so they invited us to join them and Martin accepted.”

“Did they catch on?”

“Martin didn’t think so. We exchanged names and where we were from, the usual thing. Martin did most of the talking. He said where we were from and that we were in town for a convention so decided to sneak away for a game together. They were fine with that explanation. They were from Ohio as I remember it.”

“Do you think they read you?”

“Not at first but the funny thing was that now we had company I stopped trying to hit the ball so hard and wouldn’t you know it the ball went much further and straighter. Of course I was playing from the ladies’ tee so some of the holes were pretty short. I almost drove the ball on to the green at the 17th. That was probably a give away but they didn’t say anything other than it was a nice drive.

“They invited us for drinks after the game but we declined. I was anxious to get back to the hotel to freshen up.”

“How did things go that evening?”

“Did Martin tell you? I felt really bad. We wanted to do everything. We got back to the hotel, rested and showered in our own rooms. I changed in to a modest outfit and Martin put on a shirt and tie. We went to dinner in a very nice restaurant and then headed up to Parliament House as Martin had thought there would be a drag show that night. There was nothing and there were no other t-girls to talk with so after an hour or so we headed back to the hotel.”

“That was a full day,” commented Alice.

“But that’s when I hit the wall. I was just exhausted. We tried to make love but Martin could sense I wasn’t there. He was so nice about it. He let me slip away. When I got up in the morning I called to see if he wanted a rain check but he was gone.”

“That’s too bad. Did you see him again?”

“You know I did. Martin was really nice about the whole thing, said he’d been very tired too and we agreed to play golf again, which we did the next year out here in Orange County.”


“And yes we made up for the missed sack time, too.”

By then I could sense that our audience at the next table was ready to leave. I took my turn to visit the “˜loo’ while Alice had desert.

I returned. Our audience at the next table had left but apparently not before asking Alice to give me their compliments along with a crème de menthe for each of us. How nice of them, I thought.

Alice said she had one last question. She sounded a bit like the clinician she is. “In effect it was just a golf game and just a date. What made this so special for you?”

“That’s a good question. You know how it’s living life a bit on the edge when we are out in the straight world en femme. We hope to be passable but in reality while we might pass to some people and we will find a lot of people just indifferent. For the rest I think we get by and do not get a negative reaction because our particular efforts at feminization don’t offend them. I could have gone to play golf on my own. I could have also gone out to dinner on my own. However a woman alone on a golf course or in a restaurant attracts a lot of stares of curiosity.  A tall, somewhat muscular woman will get even more looks and not always a favourable assessment. The same if I had found another t-girl to share my adventure.

“Martin made it special. He’s sexy and has a nice sense of humor. He also proved to be a protective curtain for me. I think people looked at me and judged me less because of my companion. He gave me a validation in the eyes of those around us and he certainly made me feel desired as a woman.

“The fact that he was 100% comfortable to be out with me meant so much. When we are out I feel so good being with him.”

“He’s a keeper?” asked Alice.

“Well I can’t own him but I’ll take every opportunity I get to borrow him. When we have more time I will tell you what he told me about how he discovered the joys of making love with a “˜lady boy’.”

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