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Brits Do A TV Reality Show — And You Can Be One of the TVs

| May 10, 2007
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The British television industry is always on the lookout for the next big “reality” show concept. (I quote because there’s not much that’s real about the genre.) Now they’ve hit upon an idea that gives us, trans-people, a chance to win a dream (?) job as the personal assistant to a drag-doing celebrity. Who you ask? Read on.

Pete Burns NowWe won’t keep you waiting. The celebrity in question is Pete Burns. Such a simple sounding name for a complicated person. Burns is the founder of the band Dead Or Alive. Back in the mid ’80s they had a hit with You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) and ever since then Miss Pete has been re-recording and re-releasing the song when she needed cash. (If you’ll notice the amount of plastic surgery she’s had you’ll know why she’s needed cash.) Some may say the Burns has developed one of those body image disorders based on what she did to her lips. They’re just not supposed to take up half of your face. Apparently she has begun to feel the same way since she’s suing the surgeon for $2, 000,000.

1980s Pete Burns.

Miss Burns has, in recent years, started to do reality shows. First she was on Celebrity Big Brother in England. (You Spin Me Round shot up to #5 in the charts.) Then she left her wife of many years, got a boyfriend, beat up the boyfriend, was sentenced to prison and starred in another reality show, Pete Burns Unspun, that followed her around after she got out of prison.

Now, it’s your chance to compete in a reality TV contest to be Pete’s personal assistant. You might want to read his book first, Freak Unique. After all, a girl should know what she’s getting in to.

The show will feature 12 trans people who vie to be Pete’s personal assistant. (First thing the new assistant should do is convince Pete it’s really past time that she started to use a girl’s name.)

The downside of the contest is that it’s happening in London so you’ll have to get yourself and all your outfits there for the auditions on May 19. And, if you’re picked as one of the 12 contestants you’ll have to stay there for four weeks in June while they film. (No word on whether any of these expenses are paid.) To get a copy of the application form email Susannah Haley

You have to send a recent photo and a three hundred word essay on why you’d love to be Pete Burns personal assistant. Working for Pete will probably… no definitely, spin you round. Good luck!

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