Are you Asian, and don’t want to be?

| Sep 7, 2006
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Asian.jpgOne of my favorite websites to browse, (besides TGForum), is  It’s kinda like the ever-popular YouTube, but every now and then, they’ll have a picture gallery.  It’s often filled with pictures of hot women in tiny bikinis.  But, they’ll also have pictures of things you don’t see every day: weird signs, strange wrecks, etc.

A few weeks ago, they posted the picture shown above.  It reads “Are you Asian, and don’t want to be?”  It’s a photoshopped joke of the real billboard, which is put up by  

asian2.jpgAs you can see, the original billboard asks, “Are you gay or lesbian, and don’t want to be?”  TruthMinistry is one of those groups that thinks sexual orientation is changeable, and they think they can do it with you, through prayer.

Yeah.  Uh-huh.

So, here’s the funny part: The good folks at TruthMinistry are offended by the little Photoshop gag.  They’re apparently threatening legal action.  And according to their website, they’re apologizing to Asians that are “caught up in this battle.” 

So, good.  They’re not racist.  But they’re upset because someone is making fun of their little crusade?  Whoever doctored the photo got it exactly right: you can’t change your sexual identity, just as you can’t change your race. 

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  1. Wendy says:

    The original ( billboard does ask “… and don’t want to be?”

    Some people “don’t want to be”.

    Orientation may be unchangeable, but behavior certainly is. Otherwise why do we have AIDS awareness / safe sex education? For that matter, why expect your partner to be faithful to you if people are slaves to their desires?

    Just as parents and other people abusing a kid for being different is wrong, forcing someone to continue to live a lifestyle they are not comfortable with is wrong too.

    If someone is homosexual, then it is up to that person to decide what to do about it. Have as much fun with as many partners as possible, find and settle down with that special one person, or be celibate. It’s their decision.

    Other people are bisexual. Perhaps when they were younger and unsure they were attracted to both sexes, and found relationships with the same sex easier. Then later they decide they want to go “straight” and find and settle down with an opposite sex partner.

    So what.

    To me it comes down to self-control. Deciding what you want and going with that, and also resisting temptation from doing something that is not right for you.

    If others want to do always self identify as gay/lesbian/bi/whatever, fine. But not everyone is comfortable with being “gay” forever, just as some people finally come out of the closet as gay or lesbian or bi or transgendered klater in life.

  2. Trish says:

    Child molesters and gays and lesbians. Oh my. What behavior. Change baby, change.

  3. stacie says:

    What about those people who ARE gay and don’t want to be.
    I think it’s pretty arrogant to assume that just because YOU are happy with your sexual orientation that everybody is. For instance, what if you were straight and didn’t want to be? what if you molested children and you didn’t want to? what if you over ate and didn’t want to? These are all behaviors which
    may be changed (There is ZERO credible clinical researchresearch which links sexual orientation to genetics – but that’s beside the point). We all have things about ourselves we wish to change. What if our sexual orientation is one of them?
    Perhaps the billboard provides hope for someone who isn’t happy with the way things are.
    I congratulate you on your satisfaction with yourself. Please be tolerant of people who do wish to change things about themselves!

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